Who manages this work?

Our director, Andrew Taylor, is a solicitor with a degree in economics. After 20 years in practice as a commercial lawyer, he has spent another 20 years in different parts of the property industry. He also works part-time resolving disputes, as a business mediator. He has built up vast experience as:

  • a planning and property litigation lawyer
  • director of a house-builder plc for some years
  • manager of his own small
  • a commercial property entrepreneur, building a development company from zero to Stock Market floatation in only four years. That company handled around 50,000 sq metres of property under Andrew’s management.

Andrew has also bought and sold at least two hundred other pieces of land and property either directly or through small companies, over many years. The number of projects has been split more or less equally between commercial and residential.

Projects have included refurbishment, new build, dealing, site assembly and invariably, negotiating with local authorities.

The most important key to success in a property project is the professional team. Andrew has worked with reliable people in every property-associated profession and constantly extends that network.

Andrew greatly values the personal relationships involved in land promotion and, once signed up, will always find time to tell you about his progress to date.

Andrew is determined, organised and always happy to “talk property” with you.

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