We are the small sites specialist

We can turn a small project round fast. We do not need teams for this and teams for that. We just pick up the phone. We make things happen.

  • The Government white paper of August 2020 “Planning for the Future”, strongly encourages the development of smaller sites. Every local planning authority already has encouragement, and may soon have a legal obligation, to satisfying at least 10% of its housing obligations by sites smaller than 1 ha.
  • Development on a site no larger than 1 ha is much easier to fit into its environment comfortably than the placement of 200 red brick boxes on the edge of village. After all, until 80 years ago, development in every town and village fed incremental expansion (only on the edge of large industrial cities were large estates built, usually by the owner of a nearby factory who wanted to be able to call on an available workforce).
  • For the same reason that we can work in a fast and organised way, so can the local planning authority. Although the process for them might not be far different than for a far larger site, their understanding of the technical, planning and political concerns for one small site, is clear and immediate. Here is how we assess your land.
  • Small sites tend hitherto to have been in single use: a car park, a paddock, an industrial building, storage land. That means we need fewer experts to work on the big issues that take years to resolve in a larger site: road junctions, larger provision for utilities services, surface water disposal, ecology and more.
  • Once we have achieved a planning permission, it is easier for us to manage your sale of a site for 10 houses than for 200 houses. Larger proposals can be bought only by larger housebuilders. Their investigations and negotiations can take a long time and the deal they offer may tie up your money for years.

Here is why it would be a good idea to use our services.

If you would like a useful summary of our services, here it is.