Longstanton project

Application: Longstanton, Mills Lane:                 S/2482/16/OL

Appeal: 20 October 2017, ref:                            APP/W0530/W/17/3187357

Document list:

This list contains documents submitted to the Minister in support of our appeal. The list is precise and complete.

Note: the list does not include 4 x householder objections.

The documents listed in bold text constitute are those which, in our opinion, explain the main issues.

We shall not make any comment whatever until the Inspector’s decision has been published.

The documents in this list are copyright protected. Publication is not evidence of freedom to re-publish. Part or all of any document produced by or for Resolute Estates Ltd may be re-published in any other context subject to full attribution.


Documents submitted with the application or in the following 20 months. Several were updated during that period or for the appeal.


Application form - amendment 10 01 2017

Topographical survey 01 2016

Location plan and block plan

Proposal Plan Rev G

Design Access and Heritage Statement - amended 17 01 2017

Expansion of the Conservation Area v08

Expansion of CA - App1 - Report to Cabinet - responses to CA consultations 08 Sept 2005

Five Year Land Supply 031017

Heritage Statement

Heritage Statement - Appendix 3 - Listed and significant buildings

Archaeological evaluation

Landscape Visual Impact Appraisal

Soft Landscape Proposals RevC 10 08 2016

Ecologist’s phase 1 habitat survey

Landscape, Northstowe, Green Gap 031017

Report 03 - Transport study

Report 05 - Policies restrictive of development Nov 2016

Report 06 - Extracts from Suffolk Coastal and Persimmon Oct 2016

Letter from Inspectors to Councils - Preliminary Conclusions 200515


Additional documents submitted to the Inspector as part of the appeal process.

NOTE: most of these documents were provided with the original application, but have been slightly updated to take account of events over a 30 week period.


Statement of case 161017

Sttt Case - App1 - Refusal notice of 05 May 2017

Sttt Case - App2 - List of documents 181017

Sttt Case - App3 - Email messages list

Sttt Case - App4 - Explanation of UU 111017

Sttt Case - App5 - Draft unilateral undertaking 191017

Sttt Case - App6 - Draft planning conditions 031017

Sttt Case - App7 - Self-build requirement 031017

Sttt Case - App8 - Importance of hedges 031017

Sttt Case - App9 - Longstanton Conservation Area Appraisal

Costs Application Forms_3 (4)

Case officer report

Refusal notice


Email correspondence selected by Resolute to submit to the Inspector in support of the appeal


160329 DT letter - kick off pre-app

160404 James Stone to ART - Northstowe

160518 ART to DT - long history of chasing for pre-app information

160922 Letter01 ART to DT - summarising issues

170112 ART to DT - Access to officers and co-operation grumble

170321 DT to ART - Delegated decision, my reaction, letter

170322 Letter02 ART to DT - yet again seeking co-operation

170509 DT to ART - lies about delegation

170613 ART to DOusby - DAT_4 methodology

170624 Letter 01 ART to D Ousby re use of HCA template 240617

170626 Letter 02 D Ousby re DAT_4

170703 Letter03 ART to DT - How much money

170808 AM and ART to DT - try to agree calc for affordable

170921 ART to Luckham - supply all responses


Statement by South Cambridgeshire DC in response to the Resolute statement of case


SCDC Statement in reply to the appeal statement of case, with draft conditions.


Final reply by Resolute to SCDC’s statement


Appellant response to LPA statement 120318

Statement of ART re archaeology condition

CHER enq.2387

Full pack copied for post 120218

Andy Thomas to David Thompson 15 12 2016

Andy Thomas to ART 130218