Why use our land promotion service

(“Land promotion” is a pompous term which means we get planning permission in exchange for a small proportion of the increased value of your land.)

  • We tell it like it is

With Resolute, you can be sure you will get your money, because we do not get ours back until you get yours. With us, your interest and our interest run together every step of the way. What is even more important is that whatever agreement we make with you, it is in plain English. There are no half hidden costs, no legal “secret passages”. Our entire relationship with you is transparent from day one

  • Planning law is extremely complicated. So are human beings!

Obtaining planning permission is a people business. We constantly have to decide when to appease, when to explain, when to mollify and above all – when to straighten out misconceptions and bullying. Dealing with different people every day requires constant awareness of the other persons motivations, psychological requirements and attitude to us and to what we seek. Empathising and negotiating are rarely revealed, but they are ever present. Fortunately, we also know the legal framework so that when the wheel stops spinning, the arrow points to our number.

  • We have the knowledge, experience and understanding to be able to find the best use for each site.

Our director is a solicitor with over 30 years experience of land, property and planning. About half that time was spent in private practice with clients including two large northern housebuilders down to smaller firms putting up a couple of houses at a time. Later, on his own account, from scratch, he set up a commercial development company and floated it on the stock exchange only three years later. He has constantly been involved in residential and commercial property in many different ways. Obtaining planning permission is always in there somewhere.

We find it fascinating to consider the different options – yes mostly housing – but for whom? Under what circumstances? What extras will they need? How profitable will the scheme be? Will it be the first choice of the local planning authority too? Read more. 

  • We move fast
    • We will not tie up your land with a deal that could last for years.
    • We are off the blocks like lightning. Site and area visit   > Land surveyor > architect > all others in professional team > enormous research >the local plan > apparent suitability of the site for development > site history > local people what the LPA said to an Inspector on appeal - and on and on.
    • Our schemes do not rely on building new secondary schools or awaiting a connection to a trunk road.
    • We are experts in what we do, so we concentrate on the most important issues.
    • Our correspondence is purposeful and positive. We empathise and never demand but we always make our expectation clear.
    • We expect high standards of openness and compliance from an LPA
  • We specialise in small sites – 3 ha or smaller

There are tremendous advantages in using small sites. Central Government has last realised that we do not want to hundred new square red boxes on our doorstep. Nimbyism is not generally bloody mindedness. It is a very natural reaction to a drastic change for the worse in our immediate environment. Of course, there is an inevitable conflict between people who value their view over 1000 km² and people who are desperate for a home to bring up their children. We fervently believe that this conflict can only ever be resolved by allowing our communities to expand gradually – as they have done for the last thousand years. Read more.

  • We help you to choose the deal you really want
    • First, we talk to you about what you want from your land, .. . .from your deal. Our director is a solicitor. He can talk to you about how a land promotion agreement will fit in with your corporate and tax affairs in family arrangements (utterly confidentially, with no formal advice, and subject to you instructing your own solicitor).
    • You can consider a promotion agreement or a simple option agreement  or any other arrangement you want to discuss.
    • We talk together with your solicitor
    • A deal gets drawn up and signed. You will always know what every word means.
  • We are right on top of the trend
    • We can increase the chance of obtaining planning permission on your land if we can demonstrate to a local authority that we shall be in a position to build out to a known high quality. The alternative for them is to see your land sold to an unknown builder who might want to change everything they have previously expected.
    • We have a trading division – “Luvli Homes”, so it will be rare for us to be unable to buy your land – at full market price, agreed by your nominated surveyor. But if this is not your choice, we can set up the agreement between us so as to exclude this possibility from the word go.
    • We promote all that is best at the forefront of the housing industry. We work with producers of housing superstructures manufactured in a factory to fine tolerances. Consequently, houses are not constructed by people struggling to stay warm and dry on a muddy winter’s afternoon.
    • Our architects produce designs which combine modern flair with traditional community value so that our houses are both excitingly different and yet meld imperceptibly into their location.
    • Wherever possible, we use the latest technology and modern materials. Every material and fitting is real – no brick slips to imitate the real thing.
  • We are always available. Always enthusiastic

Above all, we provide a knowledgeable, sharp and friendly service.

We are small specialists providing a very personal service. Obtaining planning permission is always tough. It requires intense and extensive research and consideration - every day. There is so much more  we would love to talk to you about.

Learn more about your choice between an option agreement and a land promotion agreement.

Our prime interest is the counties of:

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