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Welcome to Resolute Estates and Luvli Homes

I am Andrew Taylor, director and sole shareholder of Resolute Estates Ltd. 

We are all about planning permission and building beautiful homes using “Modern Methods of Construction”. I write to ask you to bear us in mind when you are advising your clients on:

obtaining planning permission;

looking at an option or promotion agreement;

legal issues relating to land;

considering an overage agreement

The company is not quite new but we are looking forward to fast expansion for the reasons set out below. First, as much by luck as by planning, some of the concepts we have believed in for years, have now been taken up by Government. So we tick all of the NPPF boxes. Specifically:

  • We belong to that endangered species known as “small builders”!
  • Over the last three years, I have become manic about prefabricated housing, quaintly referred to in government circles as “modern methods of construction”. I have visited factories both in this country and in Europe. I am in the process of setting up a new division of this company, Luvli Homes, to sell houses based on imported superstructures. We shall offer our own small range of houses with multiple fit-out options.
  • I have long believed in working on small sites. Yes, that is partly because we have not previously had the money to be building a new town here or there. But there’s more to it than that. Putting 200 houses on the edge of a small village like a giant carbuncle has been an appalling planning error over the last 20 years. I could talk about that for a long time. The bottom line is that we do not build large estates of red brick boxes. We prefer to look for small sites where we can usefully contribute two houses to 20 houses, in much the same way as our villages and small towns have expanded over the last 200 years.
  • For many years I have been passionate about self-build. It is quite a big subject. As I write (2021), the Government is assessing the failures of most LPAs to satisfy the demand for self-build plots, built up through the LPA registers. I believe that many of them have failed so catastrophically that the figures reported to government have been fiddled. There are fundamental problems in the provision of self-build plots. Our principal solution is to sell “shell” homes for self fit-out.
  • We will build you a beautiful house very happily, but our passion is to build houses for younger people, providing high quality, low cost housing for young people who are presently trapped outside the market. I bought my first house aged 24. Not one of my children would have been in a position to buy before they were 35 without my help. For young people in less fortunate circumstances than my family, I can understand the frustration and anger they feel. Worse, despite the numbers, they have no collective voice to compete with the newly discovered green finch with a pink spotted tail, now protected of course; or the Wedgwood pottery shards that could actually be Roman.

Apart from ticking boxes, here are some more reasons why I hope you may be interested in talking to me:

  • We shall buy our own small sites from time to time, but for the company to grow faster, I shall continue to look for land promotion opportunities. Some of those will follow the usual route to a third party sale. I expect that some land owners will see the benefit of an instant sale to us when we have obtained planning permission for them.
  • Of course we build Luvli Homes. I am expecting to build a minimum of 100 homes during 2021 and at least 300 in 2022. Most sales will be to individual buyers for their own occupation but we will also sell to the third party market, including local authorities and housing associations.
  • I practised as a solicitor for over 20 years  and been involved in almost every sort of property you can name, for even longer. Over the last 15 years I have dealt with four LPAs in East Anglia, with particularly deep involvement in South Cambridgeshire DC. I cannot say that I can recite their policies in my sleep, but maybe somewhere close to that.
  • I no longer practice as a solicitor, but if you personally want 10 minutes on the phone about the affairs of a client, without commitment or charge, please do not hesitate to give me a ring. There is a very brief CV on another page.

You will probably have your own ideas about how we might work together. With so many variables, I prefer to discuss informally before we make firm proposals.

Our prime interest is the counties of:

Norfolk    Suffolk    Essex    Huntingdonshire    Cambridgeshire    Bedfordshire

More info or just say hello? I’m always happy to help a fellow professional where our interests might some day overlap. Even if you are not in a position to discuss a particular proposal, I will always be happy to give you 10 minutes to bounce your legal problems of me.

By all means just ring me or better, give me 30 words on the form below, including your availability and I will ring you back