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Planning permission on your land

  • Free service

Do you want to risk your money or ours? Obtaining planning permission costs more money with every passing year. Quangos get larger and more demanding. Pressure groups get more determined. We have to put out between £50,000 and £100,000 for professional reports and fees. We also put in up to 500 hours of professional time. You put in not even £1. Read more.

  • Our common interest

With Resolute, you can be sure you will get your money, because we do not get ours back until we have planning permission and you get yours. With us, your interest and our interest run together every step of the way. Our relationship with you is entirely transparent. We tell it like it is. Read more.

  • We specialise in sites of 3 ha or smaller. Why?

Because small sites are flavour of the year. There are many reasons. Now is the best time to take advantage. Read more.

  • Planning law is extremely complicated

Every year adds to the gigantic volume ofplanning regulations as the pebbles of good intentions are overwhelmed by the mud of self-interest groups and diverted by the rocks of local authority inertia. Our director is a solicitor with 30 years experience of land, property and planning. There can be few people better placed to make sense of this flood. Read more.

  • We move fast

We make things happen with energy and determination. Obtaining planning permission is not just about a process. There is a constant flow of data, issues and human interface. We stay on top - every day. Read more.

  • We can be your buyer of last resort

We also have a construction division in Luvli Homes. If we were the highest bidder then you could sell to us. However this is not contractually arranged between us in any way. We have no advantage over any other buyer. Our selling system is clear, simple and absolutely transparent. Read more.

  • We don’t wait for the new dual carriageway

We will not tie up your land with a deal that could last for years. Like you, we want to enable houses to be built - then move on. Our schemes do not rely on building new secondary schools or awaiting a connection to a trunk road.

Just ring us any time. If you want us to talk about your site, please complete the short form, below, so that we know what you will want to know.

  • We are always available. Always enthusiastic

Above all, we provide a knowledgeable, sharp and friendly service.

Obtaining planning permission is always tough. We are more than up to it. More reasons why you should use our service.

Our prime interest is the counties of:

Norfolk    Suffolk    Essex    Huntingdonshire    Cambridgeshire    Bedfordshire

Buckinghamshire    Leicestershire    Rutland

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