Time to sell

So, the months have passed and the pink paper is at last to hand. How can we help you now? The whole sale process is agreed in advance as part of our negotiated agreement. We are flexible, so as to comply with what you want. The ideas below are the start point for our discussions.

We can manage the sale, as follows:

  • We sell at auction, or
  • We sell by tender, or
  • We sell by private treaty (rarely), or
  • We obtain a valuation for a sale from you to us, or
  • If we have worked via an option agreement, we buy you out at the option price.

We then follow the agreed process and you bank your money. At that time, we get our expenses back and our agreed payment for all our time and work.

Our percentage charge depends on several factors:

  • The value of the land before and after
  • The work we think we shall have to do
  • The money we think we shall have to put at risk
  • All of the risk factors

All in all, we shall probably be looking at 15% to 25%.

What is the timescale?

Getting planning permission can be a lengthy process. Delays are caused by:

  • Local planning authorities’ (“LPAs”) staff unavailability due to extraordinary workloads;
  • Requirements for expert reports. These may be sensitive to the season, like ecology, or subject to physical constraints, like archaeology and contamination
  • Conditions: formal or informal, at any stage - sometimes even pre-conditions to validating the application.  (but see new law).
  • The necessity to appeal.

All in all, it is possible to obtain permission in a shorter period than 12 months. Realistically, you should consider 18 months. If we have to appeal, the period could be 30 months.