The Resolute service

We get planning permission

Our fundamental business is to get planning permission. We are not planning consultants, nor solicitors. We do not work on an hourly paid basis. We put in our time and all the money that is required.

Our focus is on residential development. However, we always assess other opportunities too.

Our prime interest is the counties of:







What we do for you

We put our money into a proposal in exchange for a share of profit. If we fail to obtain planning permission, we lose the value of our time, our staff costs and all the payments we have made. You lose nothing - absolutely nothing at all.

Why use Resolute?

Here are irrefutable good reasons.

  • Because you would probably have to put £25,000 to £50,000 “on the table” with a planning consultant who might still not succeed. As in any profession, there are degrees of skill. Your planning consultant is in business to give advice and, if you so instruct, submit your application. Your money has gone, whether or not your application succeeds, and despite your having selected a top notch consultant.
  • We move very fast. Our money is out. We make it work hard. Small sites move through the planning system faster than large ones.
  • We will not tie up your land with a deal that could last for years. Like you, we want to enable houses to be built - then move on. Our schemes do not rely on building new secondary schools or awaiting a connection to a trunk road.
  • With Resolute, you can be sure you will get your money, because we do not get ours back until you get yours. Your interest and our interest run together every step of the way.