Pressing questions

So now you are really thinking what are the catches and where is the detail. This website is full of information, but we can give you short answers to the most pressing questions right now.

How do you get my money out fast?

We are organised and fast. We do not allow third parties to waste time. But nevertheless, the planning process is sometimes frustratingly slow. Because our interest is to obtain payment too, not to mention re-payment of all the money we have put out for you, we never miss an opportunity to move the application forward.

What is the deal?

No two deals are the same. We have to be flexible because ultimately we are asking others for permission. We keep deals as simple as possible so that your solicitor is happy with the structure. More about our agreement.

Do you get full value for me?

Of course we do, but today the odds are in your favour only if you contribute to what the local community wants. Naturally, if our proposals improve the lives of five thousand people, they are more likely to support our application than if we propose to mow down a local beauty spot. More on how we handle the difficult balance between what concessions we may have to make to balance the scales in your favour.

How can you do more than my land agent or planning consultant?

We do not do what they do. The giant difference is that we put our money out, whereas they put yours out. Who has the greatest incentive to succeed?

It is the old question of “horses for courses”. However, we greatly value efficient relationships with other professionals doing similar work.

Who does this work?

Our director, Andrew Taylor, has a degree in economics, and is a solicitor with a wide experience of work in property, planning and law. Here is a short CV.

Will you work with my land agent too?

Yes, of course. We understand your caution. We are very happy to work with any professional adviser. We will even pay your agent’s bills for you.

I have a site which I am sure will be OK for a few houses but I simply cannot risk the £20k my planning consultant says it will cost to take an application through the process. Can you help?

We certainly can. We assess every proposal very carefully. We shall use our giant data base to assess the important points from the local plan; make phone calls; consider what reports may be required and why; consider what problems might arise - Roman villas and great crested newts. That is free to you. (Of course, the depth of the report will reflect the chance of success.)

Send us details and we will give you an assessment. That is how we approach every new job.