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We purchased this small site in the autumn of 2015. We had undertaken extensive research as to the Conservation Area and were satisfied that development of these two tiny paddocks could not damage any aspect or element of it.

Our application for nine self-build plots was refused by South Cambridgeshire on 05/05/2017. We appealed. Our appeal was dismissed by the Inspector on 4th May 2018. The refusal notice contained three numbered points. They were:

failure to provide affordable housing;
effect of development on the Conservation Area;
erosion of the green gap between the village and Northstowe.

Only a couple of weeks or so before the Inspectors decision, the Council withdrew the point regarding affordable housing, under new pressure from the Minister. The Inspector took our side in dismissing the matter relating to the green gap. The Application was refused by the Inspector only on the question of the Conservation Area. For reasons I will not go into now, the Council’s words were somewhat jumbled and inarticulate.

We started a research project to discover the truth. The research continues. However, we have provided most of the storey in a single document which we submitted with our new application on 13/10/2020.

I want to make absolutely clear that the only reason we have included that document in our submission is because it refutes the claims made by the Council about the Conservation Area from 2016 to 2018.

I now understand perfectly how my immediate neighbours feel about my application and until now must have wondered how stupid I must have been to make my first application. I feel sure however that you will understand my position when you have read the papers I have submitted. In making this present application, I have tried, and continue to try, to make good the losses of amenity which you have hitherto believed arose from my crass and uncaring ignorance.

How different groups are affected

Council Tax payers

When that small paddock gives homes to people desperate to move into the area and a home they own for the very first time, think of your children, nephews and nieces - and millions of others without a voice. Can you not spare the small, and mostly very temporary, loss of amenity? We are not talking about a carbuncle of 200 red brick boxes here. We are talking about a small number of houses hidden behind what will be high hedges which will also preserve your rural idyll from whatever construction goes up just beyond our site, for Northstowe Phase 3.
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To you who work to keep England beautiful

We are not the enemy. Please stop treating us as if we were. Our business is simply to build the homes that people need. Here is more about how we think you can make change happen.

Officers and members

I remind you that the history revealed in three of the reports we have written have been included with the application papers ONLY in order to prevent falsehoods from again defeating my application. With a tiny number of exceptions, I’m sure that if you were involved at all in the issues I have recorded so carefully, you were badly advised by your internal lawyers and leaders at the time. I understand that you simply did not appreciate the repercussions of your enthusiasm, first to keep Northstowe at bay in 2005 and subsequently to prevent my development in 2017.

Because you have had the opportunity to read my reappraisal document for some months now, I am disappointed that you have failed to see the possible impact of your refusal to bring it into the open. The longer you leave it, the more you implicate yourself in the past bad deeds of your forebears in office.
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Searching for a house

The primary mission of our business “Luvli Homes” is to accommodate you in beautiful homes with loads of space, loads of light and loads of storage – at a price you can afford. It’s a big challenge for us but we are determined to win. I have a suggestion as to how you might improve your chances.


I guess you big guys can look after yourselves pretty well. There are probably only 20 of you in England and without you we should have virtually no new houses. We small guys struggle rather more because LPAs can manage without us if push comes to shove. Even though we seem to be today’s spoilt youngest children of the Housing Minister, we still struggle with the desperate entreaties of government to build houses on the one hand and being cast as “nasty despoliators of the countryside “on the other hand.

We can’t be the first developer to have opened up publicly every communication made with an LPA, but certainly we have found no others. Wherever you work, I’m sure you will find it interesting and amusing to see the interface and developing relationship between ourselves and SouthCambs. We hope and believe that the new planning partnership with Cambridge City is the beginning of a new book – let alone a new chapter.
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Copyright notice

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