How we will work together

First, we meet to discuss exactly what you want and whether we can help you to achieve that. We then use a written document to record what we have agreed, in a format which your solicitor will recognise and approve.

No two agreements are the same. There are always a few points which relate only to your land or your unique circumstances. Subject to that, we can most easily agree terms around either an option or a sale to a third party. They work like this:

  • using an option, we are able to buy your land at a fixed future time and price. “Fixed” could of course be subject to conditions. This is probably the safest for you because our reward is rolled into our buying price when we exercise the option. We also carry all of the costs and the additional risk of selling difficulties - as there were in the crash of 2008.
  • A proportion agreement. You agree to pay us a proportion of the ultimate selling price. We put our money in and manage everything. Our interest runs with yours every step of the way. We would ask for a slightly smaller share on this basis.

In both cases, the agreement crystalises when we have obtained outline planning permission. We do not ask you to engage in building or development of any sort.

What is your downside?

You have no downside. We do not ask you to contribute money or work. We will pay up to 100% of the entire cost of an application and appeal. That way, you can be absolutely sure that we are:

  • determined to succeed, and
  • equally determined to watch every penny.

Exactly how much?

Of course this is what you want to know. So do we. But until we have carefully assessed your land, we cannot begin to put figures together. As we explain throughout this website, we calculate risk and reward very carefully. If the task was anywhere near certain, you would simply put £50,000 on the table in front of your nearest planning consultant and leave him to get on with it.

Our minimum requirement depends on:

  • How much work we expect to have to do;
  • The size of your site;
  • What complications there might be;
  • How much of our money will be at risk;
  • The likely timescale.

Step by step

After a discussion with you, we provide you with a free report. We make it free simply so that we are not committed to a specified depth of work. That means your report is more comprehensive if we think your land fits a framework for planning permission than it would be if your land is a non-starter.

The report will also tell you whether we consider your land to be suitable for a deal between us. If you are interested, we will meet and talk again for as long as you like, with you and / or any professional adviser. Remember that we are not selling you a service. What we say will be based on the proposition that our own money will be at risk if we work together.

We are very patient - no pressure on you and no commitment. We just give you facts and opinions.

To get in touch, call, email or snail mail us. Link to the form.