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The entire planning process for South Cambridgeshire District Council and for Cambridge City Council is operated jointly under the name “Greater Cambridge Shared Planning”. However, that does not change the statutory or other legal obligations of either authority.

Furthermore, the new partnership does not extend into other areas of housing. That makes it harder to communicate with specialists who are now disconnected from the planning process. The partnership cannot therefore comply with the NPPF requirements for communication and discussion with applicants.

South Cambridgeshire DC recently proposed and updated its list of documents to be submitted with the planning application. Following a Government guideline, there are only two categories which could apply to residential development – large (major) and small. That means (in theory) that we have to comply with requirements necessary for a 500 house estate. However, GCSP is aware of this and has validated our application based on the documents we have submitted – as below. In addition to the Council’s validation requirement, we have submitted a small number of documents specifically illustrating our “case” in respect of particular issues. Three of these are contentious:

We claim that our land was added to the Conservation Area in 2005 by fraudulent means. We also claim that it is wrong to suggest that our land should form part of the green separation between the village of Longstanton and Northstowe. These matters are closely related and are explained fully in:

  • The Longstanton Conservation Area Re-appraisal
  • Commentary on inspectors report first draft NAAP
  • Northstowe and the Green Gap

Whether you support or oppose our proposal, those three documents do provide a fascinating insight into what SouthCambs has “got away with” over the years, and in the case of the second item, how conflict can erupt between central and local government.

Documents submitted with planning application

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List – validation list covered Our tick list of documents submitted. Every LPA is required to provide a list of documents they require for validation. That is to say they won’t accept your planning application unless it is supported by essential basic information. SouthCambs has recently reviewed and updated its requirements. The list we have used may therefore still be under consultation. We decided to comply as far as we possibly could.
Design and Access Statement This is the long-standing title of the document usually produced by the architect to explain how he/she has set about designing their scheme. Today, most of the text comes from either a planning consultant or the client. We have tried to avoid the usual pitfall of turning it into a poetic glorification of our proposal, but I’m not certain that it is past the “wince” test!
Archaeological Evaluation   In South Cambridgeshire, this document is seriously essential. The combination of the lower lying land and coastal movement over the centuries have contributed to constant human settlement almost everywhere. The guardians of our heritage are strict and well funded. They are also supported by a large academic fraternity and vast number of charities and pressure groups.  That results sometimes in a certain arrogance. The risk of a “big dig” is carried by even the smallest developer. We guess that the number of shards of pottery, neatly labelled and stored somewhere in the UK, would probably fill several Amazon warehouses. (Ed: enough cynicism – we could barely drag you away from Must Farm. Archaeology is about adding to our understanding of our world and not about reassembling broken dinner plates.)
Transport Statement The bosses here are the County Highways people. Their science is hard and data driven. Their prime purpose is to keep us alive, so their word is law. However, there is not much scope for technical disagreement at our modest level of work. Their requirements are mostly in writing and well known so there is nothing left to negotiate. We do as we are told - more or less.
The Longstanton Consv Area Reappraisal This is our own Longstanton Conservation Area Re-appraisal. It consists in 22,000 words of incomplete research data relating to the origin of the expansion of the Conservation Area in 2005 and the subsequent history. If you are local to Cambridgeshire, you may even find it as exciting as a short novel. Here, we also ask a favour of you, calling upon your memory and knowledge. Do please contribute.
Affordable Housing Statement We are going for a deal here. We think our proposal is a great concession to SouthCambs without bankrupting us. However, we have more recently discovered that Longstanton Parish Council is desperate for a new civic building. We think that is something we would like to support but even with our minimal overheads there is a limit to what we can contribute. We hope the PC can persuade SouthCambs to cut this obligation out and leave us to help the PC in a really useful project.
Concept, Context, Mission   This is an explanation of who we are and what we want to do. It is not a document “on the list”. We have made an application in outline only, so without this additional information, SouthCambs might assume that we shall deliver yet more red brick boxes. On the contrary, we are dedicated to storing our carbon in timber, providing extraordinary energy efficiency, simple, elegant design and affordable houses. Over the coming months, we hope to persuade many rural local authorities to accept Luvli Homes in their districts as the perfect tool to soften local w objections.
Commentary on inspectors report first draft NAAP This is another of our own reports. By 2007, SouthCambs was well on the way to producing what is now the Northstowe Area Action Plan. After non-stop internal discussion, they sent their final draft to the Minister for the necessary approval. This document is our commentary on what the Ministers two inspectors reported. In it, we have pointed up some of the demands of the inspectors which resulted in the many inconsistencies in the policies of SouthCambs and how SouthCambs have managed cunningly to circumvent what the inspectors pretty much demanded. The document is an intriguing insight into a conflict between central and local government. We have included it as an application document because it constitutes irrefutable evidence of the motivation and falsehoods contained in the Council’s earlier Conservation Area Appraisal and the subsequent determination to stick by that ridiculous document ever since.
Longstanton Heritage Statement An authoritative, factual report by one of the top heritage experts in the country. An absolutely neutral statement with no criticism of the Council, leaving it to the reader decide whether and how this present application could affect the historic environment.
Northstowe and the Green Gap One of the three pillars which supported the Council’s refusal of our first application was that we would intrude into the green space between the village and the new town. On appeal, the Inspector did not support the Council on this. If you read our paper here, you will see why. We cannot say more without resorting to unseemly language!
Site and location plan A simple and obvious requirement.
SUDS Addendum report A simple and obvious requirement. We understand the necessity, accept the requirements and will comply fully in due course
Phase 1 Habitat Survey A simple and obvious requirement. We understand the necessity and accept the requirements. Because the natural world has changed not at all in relation to our site, we have obtained the permission of our adviser to reuse the same report as we submitted four years ago. However, this time around, we are committing to spend a great deal more money on additional tree planting or other landscape work outside the site. That is covered in other documents.
Landscape Visual Impact Assessment A simple and obvious requirement. We firmly believe that our small scheme will enhance and provide interest to the views from around the site. Provided the County Council can be persuaded to leave the hedge on Mills Lane frontage to grow to a height of at least 2.5m, the development will be virtually invisible from any point. In any event, we believe it is likely to be a more interesting view, with or without the hedge, than an uninterrupted view of whatever appears as part of Northstowe phase 3 in the course of the next two years.
Highways GA & Highways sections Highways engineers plans. A simple and obvious requirement.
Infiltration report Geosphere Environmental A simple and obvious requirement with which we shall of course comply.

Scheme drawings

These are the draft drawings for the very first “Luvli Home”, variants of which Luvli Homes will sell throughout East Anglia by the end of June 2021. We will provide appropriate links from this site as soon as we are ready to tell you the good news.

Please note that we have change the names of the house type drawings by adding a descriptive word at the end of each so that you can recognise them without wasting time on trial and error (have you ever tried to find a particular Northstowe document?). These are the same files as you will find on SouthCambs website.

There was no formal requirement for these specific documents to be submitted. However there is a requirement for a full explanation of the proposal. In any event, it is a good idea to explain what we want to build because we think our proposal will give great homes at comparatively low cost.

Luvli site planning v40_S-02 Context

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A01 Title page

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A04 Ground floor

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A05 First floor

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A06 Sections A+B

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A07 Section C

Luvli House Type 02 122 m²GIA 3BD v28_A08 Elevation S

Luvli Site planning v43_S-03 Plots

Luvli Site planning v43_S-04 Housing

Luvli Site planning v43_S-05 Vegetation

Luvli Site planning v43_S-06 Highways

Luvli Site planning v43_S-07 House footprints

Luvli Site planning v43_S-10 Plots

Luvli Site planning v43_S-11 Site map

Copyright notice

In connection with every document, text or other data owned by us and disclosed on this website in connection with our planning application, we grant a licence for you to use it in any connection with this planning application but not for an unrelated purpose. The condition of this licence is that we may withdraw it at any time from any person or class of people.

Where the copyright of any document is owned by any governmental authority or other person, we are not in a position to grant any licence whatever.