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Subject: Density and house types

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Good afternoon,

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a planning application based on the attached plan and D&A.

I know it is more difficult than ever to obtain meaningful officer time, but this one really is important. I know that the case officer headcount is at a record low, so the information I need may be difficult to obtain without coming to you directly.

The NPPF and the Guidance that goes with it are bursting with advice as to how a Council and an applicant must communicate at an early stage. I did look into the possibility of pre-app advice but ruled it out because the standard offering as set out in your webpages is not what I want. This is my second application and I have spent over three years now in assessing every policy in the plan.

I am happy to pay for a senior person's time or to come down from Norwich to meet personally.

I am aware that there are a couple of points on the plan that will probably need amending in due course but my question now is extremely simple:

Although the site is surrounded by high-end but uninspiring homes, we shall provide a tiny scheme which fits comfortably among the hedges and trees without appearing obtrusive. I covere all that at great length in other documents. The relevance here is about density. Course, I know exactly what is in your plan. The point is quite simply: "how many houses you want on this site and who do you want me to cater for? I have submitted a report about affordable housing. I'll speak to one of your colleagues about that. Now the question is as to whether you want 8-blocks of studio flats or more two-bed semis - or whatever.

Do think you can find some senior person with time to read the D&A, then talk to me on the phone for 10 minutes please?

I attach eewegwees.



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