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Documents submitted a list of application documents with a note of the purpose of each.
The entire thread email messages and attachments in chronological order. Comments and explanations sometimes added. We have commented on a few items.
Frequently referenced docs there are some documents which will be referenced frequently in this story. To save you the time and trouble of finding them on the Council’s website, we have set up a separate list here for your instant access. [Link to: R108 ]
The story of our FoI requests after months of frustration resulting from staff failing to provide proper responses, we decided to accumulate all the information we thought we would need. That resulted in 25 questions, some of which were subdivided into more. We first submitted these to the Council in February 2019. Despite the ICO giving the Council a second chance, and a third chance and a fourth chance many of the replies were fudged and a few completely refused. The ultimate report of the ICO accepted that the Council had failed. What we do next remains to be decided. [Link to: R109]

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