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We get planning permission on your land - free

Would you like to sell your land with planning permission? You do not have to put out even one penny. Why risk £50,000 when we will take the risk for you?

Our fundamental business is to get planning permission for you but using our own money. When we have done that, we help you sell to get your money out. We have no connection with any developer, builder or other individual. Your interest runs with ours every step of the way.

No catches, no miracles

This is how we do it:

  • We use our years of knowledge in planning and property and negotiation and law. The fact that we are prepared to put our own money in, speaks for itself.
  • We start by working with local people to find out what they want and fit that to what Central Government and planning law allow us to build. Local people means neighbourhood planning groups, community land trusts and other interested local groups.
  • We tie in what local people want to what Government also says it wants. Mostly that is the same. When it is not, we take the Government side. We will appeal when we are certain of the outcome. We will never allow ourselves to be bullied but we will always try to find common ground.
  • We enable self-builders to make reality of their dreams. We will supplement that with starter homes and houses to rent - fast, using the latest factory techniques. We add spacious bungalows for people wanting to down-size but not wishing to give up the space and comfort they have worked for all their lives. For more, see what we might apply to build.
  • Obtaining planning permission is test of intellectual determination. We never give up.
  • Unlike the big builders, we are as happy to talk to you about a site of one acre as a holding of fifty acres.

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